More FAQ's are on the horizon.

  1. Do I need Fire Suppression in my cabin?

Answer:  The Code is Summit County and whoever is the Fire Chief is at the time. Yes, it can be tied to the water system, but it will require a RPZ (reduced pressure zone) on the main line going to the house. This will have to be inspected yearly and will need to be in place year-round. You can use potable water, but are only allowed to fill the cistern for fire suppression only. Once it is filled, you should not need to fill it again for any other purpose. There are some of these on the ranch and they do not have to be buried. They can be installed in the garage, utility room etc. and would require an air gap for the filling point at the top of the tank so water cannot be pulled back into our system from theirs. Any certified plumber will know the code and should be able to walk the owner through it. What is required has nothing to do with water company and the owner will have to do what is required per Summit County building code.