1. Request must be in writing from prospective shareholder. (Bylaws Article 11.1 & R & R 3.1.2)
  2. Must pay the current water meter connection backbone fee. May have additional costs if the line needs to be extended greater than what the fee covers. (Bylaws Article 6.1(c))
  3. Must pay the current impact fee (R & R 3.1.2)
  4. Obtain and pay for or lease a water share from Weber Basin and assign it over to the Water Company. (Bylaws 11.2(a))
  5. Sign and adhere to the current Water Company agreement, including payment of all fees and assessments this year and every year thereafter. The owner will be billed according to the Current Year Fee Schedule. (R & R 3.1.2)
  6. Join the Pine Meadow Ranch Owner’s Association and comply with all the CC & R’s associated with the organization. Sign a PMROA legal and binding contract and pay current road maintenance fee.
  7. Pay a minimum of a one-time annexation fee. (Minutes of Dec 21, 2004)
  8. Sign a PMMWC legal and binding annexation contract outlining all of the above items.
  9. If planning to build, go to website www.pinemeadowranch.org for building requirements.