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The Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company

Meter Reading Procedures

  • The owner is responsible for their meter and for their side of the meter.
  • Meters are to be read on a fiscal as soon as September annually. The meter readings for the year is September to September. If your home/cabin is vacant or not used daily during the summer or winter, the owner is responsible to turn the meter off at the street to prevent damage to cabin from a broken water line. (Shareholders approval for change to procedure, ref: By-laws Section 2.1, 3.8)
  • Please mark the location of your installation of the water meter with a steel or 4×4 post. Many meters are hidden under bushes, trees and rocks. Your meter is in an underground vault covered by a round steel cap approximately 12 inches in diameter. Place your post approximately 1 ft. behind the steel cap putting the meter between the road and the post. Please be advised, everyone should also mark your installed meter with an 8’ piece of PVC.  Everyone knows where their meter is until they don’t, snow makes everything look different. If the water keeps running, this leak will cost the owner more in excess water fees.
  • The marking of the meter will help during the meter reading process but most importantly if there is an emergency (summer or winter) water crews will not waste valuable time searching for your water connection.
  • During winter time the water company will not read your meter because of a leak unless the owner finds the meter and provides a 4FT shoveled out radius. More importantly, please mark where you meter is so the water company can find it in the winter time when there is snow cover.