Water Share Foreclosure

The process of foreclosing on water shares (Metered or Standby) for those shareholders who are significantly past due on their bills is listed below:

  1. Meters will be read in September from this point forward.
  2. Invoices will go out sometime in November, due in January of following year.
  3. After one billing and 3 statements with no payment or response, the shareholder will be placed on the list for foreclosure of the water share(s) and a Notice of Unpaid Assessment will be filed with the Summit County Recorder.
  4. Notice of Delinquency will be sent by certified mail to the shareholder and they will have 30 days to respond and/or pay in full.
  5. After 30 days, no further notice will be given and shareholder will be turned over to Revenue Recovery for collections and/or foreclosure on water share(s).

This time frame gives each shareholder one year from the time they get their bill to either;

  1. Dispute the bill in writing and get the board to change the billing in accordance with the current Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.
  2. Request the One-Time Reduction of their bill due to a leak, as set forth in the Rules and Regulations Section
  3. Set up a payment plan in order to pay their bill