• 1.  All Annual Assessments are due by the 1st not later than the 31st of January of the calendar year. (Bylaws Sec 7.4)
    • a.  Annual Standby Fee – imposed upon a Shareholder without a service connection to partially offset the cost of repair, constructing and maintaining the water system distribution, storage, and supply in a condition that the Shareholder may receive water services upon applying for a connection. (R & R 2.27)
    • b.  Annual Water Assessment Fee – imposed upon a Shareholder pursuant to its Article VIII of its Articles of Incorporation and Article VII of its By-Laws, fees for water delivered to each service connection. The assessments and fees shall be set by the Board of Trustees from time to time as deemed necessary to keep the Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company Fiscally sound. (R & R 3.3)
        • 1.  Base Fee – base assessment for a pre-determined quantity of water. (See Current Fee Schedule)
        • 2.  Excess Water Fee – specific usage charge or overage assessment based upon the amount of water used as determined by reading each Shareholder’s water meter.
          (R & R
  • 2.  Payment of Fees Over Time – an Annual Renewal Request in writing must be submitted along with the 1 st payment corresponding to the semi-annual or quarterly payment choice. Payments shall not exceed the end of the current year. Two to Three statements with a minimum billing fee per statement shall be delivered by mail to shareholder, based on payment choice. (R & R
    • a.  Late Fees and Finance Charges – payments that are not paid on or before April 30 of each year or 30 days after receipt of the bill, whichever is later will be considered a delinquent account. A $25 Late Fee will be assessed and interest at the rate of 1.5 percent per month will be charged. (R & R 3.3.5)
    • b.  Collection Costs – shareholder with a delinquent assessment shall be responsible for all advertising and collection costs and other related expenses including attorney’s fees. After 1 year or more of unpaid assessments, finance charges and late fees, a Notice of Unpaid Assessment shall be filed with Summit County for any title search performed. (R & R, Bylaws Sec 7.7, Minutes April 14, 2005)