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The Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company

Archive for May 2006

Navajo Rd On.

After a long couple of days of repairs on Navajo it’s back on. We will be monitoring it today to see if any other problems arrise. Otherwise it should be on for the weekend.  Other news, we found and repaired a leak in Forest Meadows near Arapahoe and Valley View Dr. We will be monitoring…

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Navajo Rd. OFF again!

More problems have surfaced on Navajo Rd and it had to be turned off. We are working on the leaks this week and plan to have it up and running for the weekend. We do suggest that you fill your tanks in the chance we encounter more leaks. Forest Meadows is off, but we think…

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Navajo Rd On. Part of Forest Meadows ON.

We finally fixed most of the problems on Navajo with the exception of a few small leaks that will be remedied today. Parts of Aspen View have water otherwise everything else is off until some of the lines unfreeze and the upper tanks fill. Yes, believe it or not lines in this area are still frozen. Part…

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Aspen Ridge water On. Trouble on Navajo Road

The water is flowing on Aspen Ridge and soon to Chipmunk, Woodchuck, Elk Road and upper Alexander Canyon. We did more repairs to Navajo but we encountered more blowouts due to frozen lines. Please be patient, it’s frustrating for us too.  Thanks

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Navajo Road Closed

Multiple leaks on Navajo Rd. have created a bit of a mess. We closed one part of Navajo Rd. at a major leak, but there is still full access to all points. You may have to get to your cabin from a different direction. The closure is near B4, B3, B2 and B38. We are sorry for…

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Tollgate Back On

We did much searching to find the leak on Tollgate Rd and we were not successful for months. However, once the snow retreated enabling us to find all the meters we were able to locate our problem. A home owner left their cabin for the winter with the meter connection open and while they were away a…

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