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Lower Tollgate Open & Water Back On

The canyon has been opened and the water has been turned back on for that area. If you have been using your tanks please make sure to fill them so if we do have to shut it back off your tanks will be full. Please use caution traveling as of today (Oct.25th @ 1:45) there…

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Tollgate Water Off & Road Shut Down

Water from the end of the asphalt down is still shut off. Due to the pressure on this line we can not leave it on while they trench next to it. The road will remain closed off until the following day due to a leak we found in the trench when we done the road…

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Lower Tollgate Water Back On

The water leak on lower tollgate has been repaired and has been turned on for the weekend. There might be some times next week when we will have to shut this back down due to construction so please fill your tanks if you have them.

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Pine Meadow Drive will be shut down thru the night of Wednesday the 10th. We need to put a PRV in place and had to shut the line down in order to do so. We are hoping to have the line back on the following morning.

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