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The Pine Meadow Mutual Water Company

Archive for September 2013

Pine Meadow Mutual Water On Facebook

We are now on Facebook. We will be posting picks and trying to keep up with up to date information on the water system. We will try to answer questions as they come in. To join just go to I’m hoping this works.

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A Plat and Tollgate water is on

The lines in Bobcat Springs have been repaired and the lines have been turned on. It will take a little while for the water to completely fill all of the lines, if your home doesn’t have water now it will soon. We thank everyone in these areas for their patience and understanding regarding the water…

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A-Plat and Tollgate Back Off Due To Leak

As the lines were filling we had another line blow out on us at 11:00 P.M. Crews responded and shut the line down. They will be on site first thing in the morning to repair the line. Water will be restored as quickly as possible.

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Water for A-Plat and Tollgate Restored

Water has been turned back on in the area of Tollgate and A-Plat. Water is filling the lines and could take a while. Water will come on as the water moves up the hill. We are planning on shutting it back down on Monday (9-16-13) to do a cut in for the new pump house.…

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A-Plat and Tollgate Water Turned Off

Due to an unforeseen problem with the water system this area will remain off until we can figure out where certain water lines run. Down by the Bobcat area we have found lines that are not suppose to been in the ground and we do not know what they are tied to. We will be…

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