Meter Replacement

Beginning June 1st Pine Meadow Mutual Water will be replacing all water meters. We will need to shut the water off at the meter setter on your property to change out the meter. If your water is off please check outside to see if we are changing the meter before calling. The meters usually take about 20 minutes to change, so water will be back on as soon as it is changed out. Please make sure there are no obstructions on or around your meter such as downed trees, wood chips or piles of dirt on top of it. Once your new meter is installed we will be giving you information for the app so you can get on to track your use. This may take some time to get this information out, so please be patient and we will get it out ASAP. With the new meters you will be able to track your use down to the minute, day, week, month and year. It also gives you the ability to set a leak alert and the meter will send an email to alert you if you have a leak on your property. Once the meter is installed we will leave the setter valve how we found it, if it was off, it will be left off and vice versa for on.