New Leak Detected Shutdowns To Occur

We have developed a larger leak in the system beginning on late Friday (3/15/2024). We will need to start shutting down areas to narrow down where the leak is located. Crews will begin with the Forest Meadow area starting Monday morning (3/18/2024). We try and shut the areas off for 4-5 hours and then turn them back on. It is very hard to determine during this time of year what is run off and what is a water leak. Please report anything that looks out of the normal. This could include water coming out of a meter pit or anything that just does not seem like run off. If water is not restored by later afternoon, please contact us. To report a possible leak or water outage you can email Brody at please have a detailed address or photo when emailing or call 801-641-0111 and press option 2. If it’s an emergency, please press 1.