Storage Tank Move, Water Off

The Water Company will be turning the water off to most of the ranch to move two old existing tanks to a temporary location so they can be hooked back up to the system for normal operation. We will be turning the water off July 25th to most of the ranch. The construction crew has told me that it should not take more than 5 days to complete this reconnect. Area’s not affected by this are; Elk Road, Aspen View Dr., Chipmonk Way, Woodchuck Way and the upper part of Alexander Canyon.

The move must happen to make way for a new larger water storage tank in this old location so that in the event of a fire emergency in the future we will have sufficient water storage. As it is right now, the storage tanks can barely keep up with the current personal use let alone a situation that would require high flow, like a fire.

We are taking every precaution to expedite this move. Due to the timing on funding this new tank and the limited window of opportunity for construction this was the best option other than waiting until next spring or summer. The water board felt it was of the highest importance to have sufficient water storage.