Tips for Cold Weather and Snow

Winter is approaching on the ranch. We would like to offer some tips to prevent frozen pipes or other problems that may occur with the cold temperatures and snow. With over 20 years of experience on the ranch we have seen just about everything that could go wrong. With a little preparation and some simple tips, you could save yourself a lot of problems later on.

  1. Marking your meter location now during good weather. This can be done with a PVC pole attached to a steel fence post or something rigid that will not be knocked over by the snowplows or piling snow. If the meter needs to be shut off in an emergency this can save hours of time trying to locate the meter.
  2. Pile snow on the meter lid. Please make sure if you dig up your meter in the winter months, pile snow back on top of the meter. Snow is a great insulation for the meter cans and helps them from freezing. Some properties have South facing meters and the snow melts off of them if we get a January thaw. Keep an eye on your meter for snow melting off of it and try to put more snow on it.
  3. If you are not going to be at your property for a long period of time shut the valve off on the meter setter. Shutting the valve off in the cabin protects the cabin, but you can still get a leak in the service line going to your home.
  4. Place insulation or a blanket in your meter can. You can use any type of insulation for your meter can. Place it in a garbage bag and set it loosely down in the meter can on top of the meter. Please be careful with the cable that runs down to the meter.
  5. Any pipes that are exposed to the cold air should be wrapped in insulation wrap and heat tape added. Crawl spaces do not get warm air from the home and exposed pipes will freeze. Some utility rooms do not have heat and might need the door left open so warmer air can circulate in these rooms.

We hope these tips will help you throughout the winter months.